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ifoundsammysshoe asked: Hey! Do you know where I can download season 3 of Miranda? I've looked for it on piratebay to no avail! ^_^

most of the episodes should be on =D

Okay, task - excuse. Let’s workshop this.

melodysustainin asked: When you have time could you make a gifset of some of the words Miranda thinks are nice? Like plunge, thrust, etc. ? I'd love that. Thank you! <3

Sure thing! I’ll add it to my to do list :)

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Anonymous asked: Could you give me a link where i could watch season 4 outside UK ? :)

There is no series 4 of Miranda, there’s only 3 series & you can watch those at! :)
- Phoebe!

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1.02 > 1.03 

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